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Here's an Idea Bella: Run. Fast. With Both Feet.

Katie and I became slightly enraged talking to one another (not AT one another) about New Moon. As it’s been well documented, I think this film is one giant sparkle away from complete suckage, but who am I to begrudge the tween girls their indulgences. Wait…that’s exactly what we do below. So, without further ado, Katie and I go head-to-head with the Twihards. We fully expect backlash. Indeed, we do.

Good afternoon friend. So, I hear you’ve had the pleasure of seeing New Moon. There’s just one thing I want to point out before we start our undeath match unreview — that director Chris Weitz has been saying all over the place that if people just don’t like and/or get the film it’s because it’s not made for them — it’s for the “fans.” Personally, I think this is just one giant cop out.


Um, wow. That’s, like, a supernatural-sized cop out. Would you care for a slice of humble-pie with that statement? I get that he was burned pretty badly by his work on The Golden Compass but, come on, dude. That’s like saying people who hate the Twilight series of books just aren’t “fans” of the genre. A good movie is a good movie. And a bad one is a rotten tomato.


Likewise for books. And, for the record, that doesn’t mean a bad movie or book can’t be a commercial success.

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With New Moon shattering box office records like Bella’s heart in the first half-hour of the film, it’s no wonder that Undeath Match-like content has been popping up all over the place. Here are some linkish things that caught my attention and further proved that Team Vampire is the way to go:

Warren Clements’ Word Play column from this weekend’s Globe and Mail was all about the Undeath Match between Team Jacob and Team Edward or, rather, the origins of “vampire”  and “werewolf” (and other interesting words). Something I didn’t know — the Kurt Cobain of Romantic poetry, Lord Byron, wrote of vampires in his 1813 poem The Giaour. The literary dominance of vampires continues.

Kevin Smith adds his own thoughts to the Twilight phenomena. This clip is totally NSFW, which is why I’m linking and not embedding. BUT, it’s seriously hilarious. Again, who’s getting all the ass? The vampires. Natch. (However, I feel kind of gross even saying that considering how OLD the kids in those movies actually are…)

Lots of debate around whether or not Edward’s really a teenager and if his relationship to Bella might hinge upon abuse. For fear of losing this particular Undeath Match, I’m staying away from judging i09’s original post except to say that it would be great to hear Meyer’s response.

Tara and Will review New Moon. They’re funny. I went to see it too, and here are my thoughts. I’ve also now read Twilight and it might actually put a kink in my plans for Vampire dominance that I’m, again, not going to say much until Katie and I have it out on the pages here.

I’m sure there’s more. What great Undeath Match links have you stumbled across as of late?

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