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Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been away for a couple weeks (anyone? Aw come on! Surely someone noticed? Mom? Geez…), and while off on my adventures I missed a whole bunch of vampire/zombie action, so here are some links for your undead reading pleasure:

Zombies are the New BlackThe National Post reports that George A. Romero, legendary film director of the zombie cult-classic, Night of the Living Dead, has been commissioned to write his debut novel. No prizes for guessing what it is about…

The Everything Vampire Challenge — Ardeth Blood wants you to do 6 things vampire related and blog about it. Huh. Is anyone doing ‘The Everything Zombie Challenge’???

Vampire-Hunting Kits in LA Weekly — “Some of these vampire hunting kits are ‘authentic.’ Some were assembled by artists aiming to capture the antique beauty of the things. Others are straight up hoaxes.” No shit.

8 Horror Webcomics To Read in the Dark compiled by io9 (Raising Hell by Andy Belanger shown above!).

Little Women and Werewolves — *cough* shameless-bandwagon-jumping *cough*

An oldie but a goodie — Capcom’s Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles tee for the San Diego ComicCon a few months back (above). On a related note ThinkGeek have Zombie Brains Hoodie… Who says zombies aren’t stylish??

AND lastly — Deanna (our resident blood-sucking harpy — no wait, that didn’t come out right… Umm… ‘Vampire-In-Chief’? Note to self: STOP DIGGING…) has reviewed P+P+Z at her blog Tragic Right Hip. Expect a more scathing take here at a later date…

(PS special thanks to @AliasGrace for sending me most of these links!)

George A. Romero, legendary film director of the zombie cult-classic, Night of the Living Dead, has been commissioned by UK publisher Headline, to write his debut novel


Well it seems like the vampires are running scared this week, so I’m going to take the opportunity to post  some more zombie-goodness! And as I’ve already pointed out the vampires are un-Canadian, I thought I’d point out that zombies kinda love Canadian culture.

As you may know Raincoast Books distributes the fantastic Drawn + Quarterly, purveyors of fine comic books, and I was recently reminded that D+Q artist Chester Brown had drawn a zombie comic strip for Toronto’s Live With Culture not so long ago. It appeared in 6 weekly installments in local indie freebie Now Magazine and it’s awesome.

Sean Rogers has a great post about the strip at The Walrus blog and you can read the whole strip for yourself here (PDF).
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