[This next pitch comes from a Digital Marketing Associate at Simon & Schuster Canada. Due to her job, she’s been reading a lot of YA paranormal fiction like Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush Hush, Lisa McMann’s Wake trilogy, and Rick Yancey’s The Monstrumologist. Her long-standing favourite, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, will always remain close to her heart.]

Wanna go for a ride?

By Beth Martin

Unicorns are goodness and light, rare beasts that prance on rainbows and dance in moonlight. But it’s said that for all light there is dark, all good there is evil, and lurking in the Unicorn’s shadow is the murderous Kelpie.

Sometimes known as “water horses” these malevolent water spirits disguise themselves as ponies or horses – pitch black, white, or glassy green – and wait in the still water of a lake or river, watching for a victim.

If spotted, refrain from approaching this water pony, and don’t dare think of mounting it, for once you do, you will find yourself unable to escape as it gallops under the waves.

Kelpies can also appear as people, women usually, to lure men to their untimely underwater death.

The kelpie is a shapeshifter, and while it may not have the claws and teeth of a werewolf, it has cunning and unmatched beauty. What werewolf, in human form, could resist a ride?