[Who’s afraid of the big bad werewolf? Not Sean Smith (a.k.a. @ssmith). His pitch is for Golems to take on Werewolves in Round 4 of (un) Death-Match. Do you favour a supernatural creature above all others? Send us your pitch to go head-to-head in April. Our guidelines are pretty straightforward: must have supernatural abilities or ge undead and must appear in at least one book. E-mail Deanna  (deanna.mcfadden [at] harpercollins [dot] com) or Katie (krugerkat [at] gmail [dot] com) with your ideas.]

In this hour of anguish and vague light, / on the Golem our eyes have stopped.

When I originally heard about undeathmatch’s free-for-all, I was at a bit of a loss. What could possibly stand against these ferocious (and popular) supernatural beasts that are werewolves? Especially given my frequent voting that helped propel them to victory, and given my comment on the werewolves vs angels debate – angels are likely to get
infected, and then we have a huge mess on our hands. If angels can be infected, then surely other creatures can as well!

Sure, I could use some over the top supernatural creatures like dragons or hydra or Cthulu or The Thing, but that would hardly be fair. So, for the sake of a supernatural grudge match between supernatural humanoids, I would like to introduce a new challenger – the Golem.

Golems are basically stone or clay statues which have very limited intelligence and carry out their orders with until destroyed. Any movie that involves statues that animate after treasure is taken? Golems. While they might not get any points for popularity, or instant recognition, I think these would make good contenders in a battle against werewolves. Why?

First, they don’t feel pain. Break off an arm? They’ll continue to fight. Break off a leg? They’ll continue to fight. Break the head? All right, at that point they are probably out of the fight. But this leads me to the second reason I think golems would fair well against werewolves.

They are (generally) made of rock. No matter how strong werewolves are, they are sure to cause damage to themselves when trying to damage golems. Chipped teeth, cracked nails, overexertion of their adrenaline powered animal musculature…I am sure that after a while they might be able to take out a golem, but there will be a price. And
that’s just the defensive side. Blows dealt by a golem are going to be like being thrown against a brick wall, except in this case, it is the wall lunging at its opponent.

Third, golems don’t get tired. Order them to kill werewolves and they will fight all night, or all day, or all week, or all…you get the picture. At some point those werewolves ARE going to revert to their decidedly not as ferocious human form, which will make the golems job even easier.

Combine the three above, and we can sum up the golems main advantage as endurance. Golems can go the distance, they can take the punishment, and they can also dish it out. In addition to that, they also a final major advantage in that they don’t live (and thus can’t be turned). Werewolves do not get the advantage of turning foe to friend, replenishing their numbers and renewing the battle. There is only kill or be killed.

Sean has been a long time fan of all things spooky-natural. His current tastes lean towards a more grim and gritty form of supernatural entertainment, resulting in a more zombies and werewolves than vampires in his reading and watching. Recent enjoyments include The Walking Dead graphic novels, the novel Frostbite, and the TV series Being Human.