Gary Oldman in "Bram Stoker's Dracula"

Gary Oldman in "Bram Stoker's Dracula"

So, I’ve been reading Bram Stoker’s classic tale, Dracula. I figured I should back up my literary smackdown with more than just empty words, and I have but one thing to say: it’s TERRIFYING.

First published in May 1897, Dracula’s an epistolary novel, and it’s not unlike Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in tone (and that’s one of my all-time favourite novels). At first, I wasn’t convinced I was going to like reading this book. I bought my copy at The Strand the last time I was in NYC and have been meaning to read it for, oh, about 18 months now. Oddly, if it wasn’t for this Undeath Match, I doubt I would have gotten to it before 2045 or so…

Anyway. I’ve only read about 100 pages so far and right now Jonathan Harker, an English solicitor is missing and his fiance, Mina, is worried. Jonathan left months ago for Transylvania (and you see where this is going) to finish off a business deal for Count Dracula, whose considering a move to England (so he can terrorize the English, bah!). At this very moment, there’s a ship in the harbour near Whitby (UK, not near TO) that’s being steered by a dead man.

Another interesting thing to note: When Jonathan arrives in Transylvania, he goes by coach to Count Dracula’s castle. Wolves are howling. They chase the coach. They bare their fangs. And then, suddenly, they’re subdued, almost as if a far superior being has just whipped them into shape. Perchance this is the first literary occurrence of the Undeath Match. Oh, and what a shock, the vampires come out as the superior being yet once again.


All in all, actually of the two vampire books I’ve read in the last little while, Dracula‘s far more entertaining than a certain other book that’s currently dominating bestseller lists around the world.

/Off topic. In terms of book-to-movie translations, how did this end up with “Bram Stoker” in the title? The book and the movie couldn’t be more different. Anyone? Anyone?