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By Kelley Armstrong

Author of the "Otherworld" series

Auther of the "Otherworld" series

I wrote many werewolf stories as a child and teen, but it wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I decided to write a werewolf novel. I’d seen an X-Files episode on them and thought “That’s not how I’d do werewolves.” So I started my story. While I knew all the old legends, writing a book gave me an excuse to do research (which means an excuse to buy more books) so I picked up a new one: The Oxford Book of the Supernatural.

I flipped to the chapter on “Vampires, Werewolves and Other Monsters.” It was mostly about vampires—typical. The chapter began with a discourse on the erotic appeal of vampires, then in passing, mentioned that “the werewolf legend is low on sex appeal.”

Low on sex appeal? That was a challenge I couldn’t ignore.

Maybe the ape-like wolf-man isn’t exactly hot, but that’s Hollywood’s version. I wanted real wolf-men, the kind who changed into wolves and, even in human form, were wolf-like in nature. There’s a definite appeal to a guy with a bit of the beast inside. And if you want Alpha males, the term originated with animals, so werewolves are a natural fit.

But when we talk about Alpha males in wolf terms, though, we don’t mean the kind of guy who will sling a woman over his shoulder and take her back to his cave. Sure, today we see some of that in fiction, but a true wolf isn’t looking for someone to stay in the cave and raise his pups. He wants a life partner, a true partner, an Alpha female. Yes, he’s territorial and over-protective, but he expects a mate who will protect him and their territory just as fiercely.

To me, that’s the appeal of a werewolf guy. By nature, he’ll be a loyal mate and a good provider, and he’ll be ready to protect you against all comers. Deep-down, though, he’s kinda hoping that when danger comes, you’ll be at his side, ready to fight with him. That’s what I call sexy, no matter what The Oxford Book of the Supernatural might say.