It’s widely known that’s there’s a distinctly pro-vampire agenda in the news media. Google the undead and I’ll bet you find vampires high up on the list if not at the top (thanks for ruining it for the rest of the supernaturals, Robert Pattinson). Well, it all came to a head last week when the sympathizers at the Giller Prize invited a vampire to the party.

Vote werewolf!

Vote werewolf today!

I may not be the only one who thought the gesture went too far in furthering the vampire cause. Just a few days after the announcement, Walrus Magazine printed an article on Kelley Armstrong entitled “Dances with Werewolves.”

Coincidence? I think not.

Lines have been drawn in the sand, literary peeps.

Bookworms are uniting. (You seriously don’t want to mess with us. We know things. From reading about them.)

Take a stand for the underdog (literally) and speak up for werewolves who have been underrepresented in the news and books for far too long.

As the writer of the Walrus article points out:

“The werewolf is a stronger, wilder figure: if vampires, witches, and ghosts represent the emotional and spiritual aspects of contemporary life, werewolves allude to our physical nature.”

Meaning: Vampires are sulky and introspective; werewolves are hot.

The tides are turning.

Vote werewolf today (over there on the left column). Spread the word. Show your badge of courage.