Round 1 we saw a throw-down between vampire vs. zombie. Vampire won.

Big freaking surprise.

Seriously though, those zombies didn’t have a chance.

By the time zombies amassed their shuffling army of grey-matter gourmets to get organized, a single vampire could have glamoured his/her way to victory and we’d all be happier, if not completely unaware, of what had just happened.

The zombies had a strong defender to speak on behalf of their incomprehensible, groaning masses. Dan tried to pull at heartstrings with talk of killing kittens with every vote for vampire. He waved the patriotic flag and called out vampires as distinctly un-Canadian. But, alas, the allure of the vampire was too strong.

Until now.

I’ll admit to being in the vampire camp. But that was given the choice at the moment. Given another, much cooler alternative one might consider switching one’s allegiance. Because, let’s face it: vampires are, as Christopher Moore so eloquently put it, Bloodsucking Fiends.

You know what else falls into that category?




Sure, like leeches, vampires were à la mode back in the 1800s. So was rib removal for the sake of fashion. Frankly, they’re becoming a little passé, don’t you think?

You know what “undead” creature hasn’t though?

The werewolf.

I’m going to pull a Dan here and go so far as to say that a vote for vampire in this case literally kills puppies.

Look at this young werewolf and tell me you could vote against it.


Werewolf "puppy"

Round 2. Vampire vs. werewolf.

Bring it.

Full moon frenzy! We all know werewolves are going to kill this round. Leave a comment here or tweet using the #undeathmatch hashtag, listing reasons why and you’ll be entered to win one of 10 copies of Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten.

[UPDATE: Full moon frenzy contest is now closed. Please keep posted for more contests coming soon.]