We had planned to do a contest a week but that didn’t work out. Not only did the only person to enter the first weekly contest actually end up ineligble to win (they weren’t Canadian), no one entered. So we’re trying again. We’ve got five prize packs to give away, each containing the following:

  1. One copy each of The Strain and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.
  2. Fantastic Undeath Match movies that could be any of the following: Near Dark, Dead Alive, Undead, Underworld, Blade II, and 28 Days Later.
  3. One poster from the upcoming Cirque du Freak film.

Email me (deanna.mcfadden@harpercollins.com) with your full name and mailing address, along with the name of scariest book you’ve ever read by the end of the month (October 31st) for a chance to win.