Just to reinforce the point that brainy women should be voting zombie, Suite 101 reminds us all of the appeal of P+P+Z:

Perhaps what is so fascinating about this new version is the light of strength and independance it paints the women in. While Elizabeth was often the more “mature” of her sisters in the original, in this she is even more clearly so, as the protector of not only the family but of the village.

Her relationship with Mr. Darcy hinges not only on their mutual attraction and developing friendship, but also on the fact that they are equals in the killing of zombies. Elizabeth’s personality quirks are certainly brought to the forefront when she exalts in the killing of “satan’s spawn”, going so far as to paint the blood of a vanquished zombie on her face as she chops off its head.

So to recap ladies: You could be swooning over vampiresĀ  OR you could be chopping the heads off zombies and smearing blood on your face. Your call.