Oh no you didn’t.

OK apparently you did.

I could spend ages refuting Deanna’s spurious claims that my manly zombie-love is somehow related to my peculiar brand of English (un)masculinity, but hey we’re busy here at Raincoast (did someone say website redesign and an Amazon buy-grid by Friday please? Yes they did. To which I said “f*ck you”. But very very quietly so I didn’t get fired)  so instead I’m going to point you to (the other) F-Word, who will tell you, that in ACTUAL (but terribly unsurprising) fact it is vampires (uh-huh) that turn out to be sexist pigs, not zombies (who are all about equal opportunities):

At the crux of sexism within the vampire novel is the paradigm of male vamp/female human, a framework which an overwhelming majority of vampire novels are based around. The consequence of this is to represent the male as virtually unassailable in terms of power, and generally intellectually superior due to the centuries of wisdom he has accumulated. It is also a rare vamp novel which features a male (anti)hero not in possession of dazzlingly good looks and the ability to persuade a mouldy carrot into bed with one devastating glance. The female human is physically weaker and, at least traditionally, unable to resist the lure of the dashing corpse. These are tropes which vampire narratives such as Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer have delighted in overturning, yet in one form or another they remain pervasive in the supernatural novel.

To which I say: IN  YOUR FACE McFADDEN. Vote Zombie.